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Jacob Logas

Hello and welcome to my place on the interwebs! As you may have already gathered, my name is Jacob. In addition to making passibly good websites, I develop novel IoT and wearable devices for humans and animals. These systems serve the purpose of providing data about the user in order to develop insights into their life with Artificial Intelligence. If that hasn't bored you to tears, keep scrolling and see what I've done!

Machine Learning

I do goo with the machine loo.

Embedded Systems

I makey the cakey.


I lead them bois.


I find the tru tru.

Data Analytics

I swim in lakes of data.

Dog Vocalization Classifier

Classifier used to determine the inner state of domestic dogs.

Animal Interaction Toolkit

User interface toolkit specifically designed for animal-computer interaction applications.

Content-based Audio Retrieval

Using Machine Hearing to retrieve audio documents from unstructured datasets.


AI agent using reinforcement learning to plan a travel itinerary based on traveller type.

Instrumented Collar

Specially designed animal collar that collects movement and vocalization data, optimized for all-day wear.